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Wish cave / geode

Wish cave / geode

₹999.00 Regular Price
₹666.00Sale Price


👉Write your wish on a tiny piece of paper and place it inside the cave and shut the cave by placing the other half on it like a lid. Make sure the cave has been cleansed and charged before you do this.

👉Make sure the wish you are placing is realistic and is not harming another person or trying to force their will in any way.

👉To use as a geode, open and place in the room to enjoy the high vibrations this crystal geode will spread.

👉Hold the crystals in your palm (just hold on to it) after cleansing and charging them. If the crystals are large, just hold your hands above the crystals touching them with both palms.

👉Intend that they work for you in whatever area you wish to take their help in.

👉Hold them in your hands during meditation, or keep them close to you at your bedside or work table.


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