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crystalline tarot

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The Crystalline Tarot is a beautiful deck that can be used for self-healing and personal growth. Here are some ways you can use this deck to heal yourself, Meditate with the cards, Use the cards for self-reflection, Conduct a healing spread, Journal with the cards

crystalline tarot

Jaya Lalwani - Crystal

Hello ! I am jaya lalwani and I am a crystal healer and also a business owner . I believe the power of crystals and their ability to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing .I offer a range of crsytal healing services, including crystal consultation and crystal workshops.
I help people to manifest their dreams with the help of healing crystals . I own a shop where I sell a variety of high quality crystals and crystal infused products. I am passionate about helping others tap into the transformation power of crsytals and leading a more balanced and harmonious life . I look forward to connect with you and share the benefits of crystal healing .

Chanchal Lalwani - Tarot

Hey there! My name is Chanchal lalwani and I am a professional tarot card reader I have been studying and practicing tarot for many years and have a deep passion for helping others through the use of this ancient and powerful tool . I believe that the tarot has the ability to provide insights guidance and clarity in times of uncertainty and challenges. whether you are seeking guidance on a specific question or are looking for a broader understanding of your life's  path ,I am here to support you on your journey I offer private readings online  and I am committed to creating a safe non judgemental space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings thank you for considering me as your tarot reader

crystalline tarot
crystalline tarot

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