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Students bracelet

Students bracelet


A combination of crystal that increases creativity, focus , concentration, memory retention and positive thinking.


FlOURITE-for clarity, balance and organization.


LAPIZ LAZULI-for objectivity and creativity.


HOWLITE -for self awareness and patience .


TIGER'S EYE-for integrity, willpower and goodluck.


AMETHYST -for stress,new ideas and retention.




Lava stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to mother earth .It givesastrength and courage allowing a stability through times of change .It provides guidance andunderstanding when we need to 'bounce back ' a coming stone it is instrumental in dissipatinganger


You are required to work along with the bracelet through positive thinking, faith and some affirmations


The working of the crystals will depend on the input of the wearer as well , one must not depend completelyb that crsytals will show output without any inputs, intentions by the wearer .




However saying that these crystals will help you heal better and faster acting like a stimulators

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