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Yellow aventurine tumble

Yellow aventurine tumble


Self reflection/calmness /balance/optimism/creativity.


The helpful energies of Yellow Aventurine can aid those who have problems with power andcontrol. Those who are oversensitive or indecisive, issues relating to an unbalanced Sacral Chakra, can also benefit from Yellow Aventurine's reassuring and balancing energies.


Think practical enthusiasm. This stone is believed to be a positive stone of prosperity, diffusingnegative emotions, reinforcing leadership, promoting compassion and encouraging perseverance.


Yellow Aventurine, especially when placed on your belly during deep meditation, helps youreestablish your inner connection to these energies.


How To Use Crystals Tumbles?


Tumbled crystals are perfect for meditation as well as any chakra balancing and healing. Theyare much easier to hold, use and place along the body, specially for chakra balancing. Youcanlay down and please corresponding crystals along the chakras. Stones in your hands why youmeditate or you can please your crystal tumbles at your workplace in the bowl or you cankeepthose temples in your bag or car or temple.


You are required to work along with the bracelet through positive thinking, faith and someaffirmations


The working of the crystals will depend on the input of the wearer as well , one must not dependcompletely that crsytals will show output without any inputs, intentions by the wearer .




However saying that these crystals will help you heal better and faster acting like a stimulators.

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