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Money wealth kit

Money wealth kit

₹899.00 Regular Price
₹520.00Sale Price


5 gomti chakras

5 raw citrine chunks

Money zibu coin

Tigers eye tumble

Raw Pyrite cluster


Gomti chakra is also sometimes called as Sudarshan chakra as it resembles the divine weapon of lord Shri Krishna they are one of the dearest to the goddess of wealth prosperity and fortune Mahalaxmi it is believe that the one who posses is gomti chakra is believed with good health money and prosperity gomti chakra as he is several issues that people face in the daily lives and when used in lord Ganpati and Mahalaxmi Puja helps in getting all obstacles clear from the path to success the help one achieve the materialistic as well as spiritual success


Citrine -remove negative from mind financial abundance/ positive energy/ depression/ psychic energy /self feeling/


Money zibu -helps to attract money , luck / abundance / success / emotional issues / kept in cash boxes to attract money / intelligence.Wity angel no.with prosperity symbol

Angels No Craved On Zibu Are

808-amgelic number to take care of your finances 💲

520-means unexpected money

741-immediate solution and speeds up the process


Tigers eye tumble-wealth/courage/protector / will power / motivation / financial success / calm / grounding/confidence


Raw pyrite cluster-success /enthusiasm / happiness / power / prosperity//financial abundance / power

  • How to use ?

    Keep this in your shop /locker/ temple .

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