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Gomti chakra tree (300 beads )

Gomti chakra tree (300 beads )

₹999.00 Regular Price
₹850.00Sale Price

Gomati chakra also called as sudarshan chakra as it resembles the divine weapon of lord Krishna (sudarshan chakra) .It brings goodluck and is used specially in spiritual puja and rituals


> Prosperity and happiness for the user in his life or business.

>Protects from evil effects and brings positive energy🧿

>Bhakti of lord Krishna.

>Financial growth .

>Protection of children.🕉️

>Worship and blessings of lord Shiva .

>Helps to fix problems in one's life .


Gomti chakra also can be kept seperately in a group of 5 or 11❤️


You are required to work along with the bracelet through positive thinking, faith and some affirmations

The working of the crystals will depend on the input of the wearer as well , one must not depend completely that crsytals will show output without any inputs, intentions by the wearer .


However saying that these crystals will help you heal better and faster acting like a stimulators .

  • Where to keep?

    At your living room , temple , shop .

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