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Bloodstone Tumble

Bloodstone Tumble


*Bloodstone is a magical stone which purify and detoxify the body.*

🙏 *It is used to boost your immune system, and purify the liver, kidneys and bladder. It’s the ideal stone for anaemia, PCOD and other health related issues.*

🌷 *Bloodstone is a wonderful gemstone that is also referred to as a Stone of Warrior that enhances the courage of the wearer and also brings along the understanding of its benefits.*

❤️ *This talisman helps the owner in revitalizing and opening of his heart, in tempering his strength with the compassion. It is a protective charm that was believed to slowing down the bleeding of the person wearing it.*

🌹 *Most of the athletes opt for this charm for enhancing the courage and its physical vitality. This talisman is also known as a prosperity talisman that manifests the health of the person.*

🙏 *Bloodstone makes the beings more knowledgeable in all the ways of this world.*

❤️ *In the past, Bloodstone was believed having the capability for stopping the hemorrhages with its barest touch. It relieves the pain of bowel and stomach.*

🌸 *It enhances the purification of the blood of organs and also improves the blood circulation. Its impact is positive on the bladder. Most of the people take this charm as a magical gemstone.

🍀 *Bloodstone offers the boost talent, vitality, charitable instincts and organizational abilities. Most of the people use this gemstone as an aphrodisiac and medicine specifically in India. It neutralizes and removes all the toxins and helps the wearer in clarifying his lungs and eyesight and also clears the congestion.*

❤️ *It also has the capability to revitalize the friendships, relationships, and love. It is also said that Bloodstone attracts the strength of firmness and mind of the confidence and purpose in various difficult situations. It may also be used for assisting the people in taking action that comes straight from the heart. The ancient Egyptians used this charm to ground, calm and revitalize. The one who is suffering from anemia may also use this talisman.*

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