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Bird print soothing plate

Bird print soothing plate


Selenite is a beautiful, soothing stone that brings peace to your home and mind, but howdoyouuse it to cleanse other crystals? Once you’ve activated it, clearing crystals with selenite isaneasy, straightforward process. We’ve put together a list of the best ways to use selenite tocleanse other crystals, as well as safe ways to keep it cleansed and charged. If you’re readytoput your selenite to work, keep scrolling!








Many of us use crystals tumbles to bring positivity in our lives and to connect spirituality .Manyof them use it on their work desk for better environment, soothing energies.


However these crsytals needs cleansing and charging? Just like you we use our electronicdevices and recharge it the same applies to crystals . The process of cleaning and chargingcanbe done once in a week , month or any festival day or if u feel sudden negativity .


Charging your crsytals will help you to amplify the energies of ur intention, will help you tobeclear with your intention , will help you to connect with your intention and most importantly it will purify your crsytals bby negating unwanted energies.


• Selenite crystal is believed to be very prowerful in absorbing negative energies.


• It is used for purifying and recharging other Crystals .


• You can amplify your intentions / manifestions using selenite plate .


• Selenite promotes a sense of peace and calmness .


• It helps to cleanse the space .


• It helps to create a smooth flow of positive energy.


You can simply place your crsytals for 12-24 for cleansing and charging .


Note : Selenite is water unsafe and delicate crsytal.


SIZE-L-8cms | B-8cms | H-1cms (approx)


Weight -95gms (approx)

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